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Regular Events

events that are held on a regular basis throughout the year.


Castle opening: The castle is closed Until further notice.


Community Garden: The community garden is closed until further notice.


Dairy Garden: The Dairy garden is closed until further notice.


Event of the month

Every month we highlight an Event @blaise

Castle opening

On a visit to the casltle you can view more information about the history of the castle and From the top of the castle you could use to see as far as Chepstow, The Cotswolds, The Mendips, Dundry, Kings Weston Down and Portbury, although in recent years the view has become more obstructed by trees, although it is an aspiration to cut the very tops of the trees down to once again provide stunning views of the whole area.

In 2019 the Friends of Blaise invested in signs for the top of the castle to help visitors know what they are able to see in all directions.

One off events

Throughout the year, the friends of blaise and bristol museums, hold events.

Upcoming events



Due to the current Pandemic, all events have been canceled until further notice. These will be restarted once it is safe to do so, although as most events happen in the summer months, it is unlikely that events will resume this year in any meaningful way.

other events

There are other events held @Blaise throughout the year, allthough these are not organised by the friends of blaise or Bristol museums, we will try to add details where possible.