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Kings Weston Hill

Kings weston hill

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Kings Weston Hill is located on the western edge of the estate and is easily accessible on foot, it links Blaise Estate with Shirehampton Park and Kings Weston Estate.

Located on the hill are the remains of a Iron Age fort which are listed as a scheduled monument.

The Hill is also homed to the Kingsweston Hill television transmitter.

Iron Age Fort

On the hill are the remians of an iron age fort.

Green Iron Bridge

The green iron bridge links Blaise and Kings weston estates, it was built between 1800 and 1820. it provides a safe pedestrian link avoiding the busy kingsweston Road below. unfortunately the bridge was hit by a lorry in 2015 and has been closed ever since, although there is a campaign to get the bridge reopened. please visit 

Television Transmitter

The Kings weston Hill Television transmitter is located on top of the hill and provides television and radio services to the north of bristol and sorunding areas. 

Kings weston estate

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