How to get to Blaise Castle:

Address: Kings Weston Road, Bristol BS10 7QS England

By Bus: The Buses  1, 2, 3, 4, 76, 623, MC5  all stop nearby to Blaise estate. For more information and timetables please visit the Travel West website. 

Car: Approach via the Kings Weston Road to the main carpark (now charging). Soon fills up at w/es in the Summer. There is also a much smaller carpark at the other end of the Estate at Coombe Dingle.

Cycling:  It is permissible to cycle between Henbury and Coombe Dingle on the main path through the Estate but pedestrians must be given priority; it can get very congested with dogs and small children at peak periods. Electric scooters and motorbike-style e-bikes are banned.  

Mobility scooters and buggies should have no problem on the main path. The Rangers work hard to keep this clear throughout the year. 


Blaise Museum: originally the residence of two generations of the Harford family, but now free for the public to enter. Contains household equipment, clothing, toys from the last 300 years as well as a history of the house and the Estate.  

Open from the beginning of April, Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm. 

Blaise Community Garden : previously the kitchen garden to the  House, now a charity run by volunteers back to growing fruit and vegetables very successfully. 

Playground: possibly the largest and well-equipped in Bristol, with separate areas for younger and older children.  

Café: sells hot and cold drinks, basic hot food and snacks. 

Toilets: (including disabled), adjacent to Cafe.

Advisory Notices for the Estate: 

BBQs are banned in the woodland and discouraged in the parkland, due to the risk of wildfires. If you do use one, make sure it is raised from the ground to avoid burning the grass which will never recover. 

No overnight camping is allowed anywhere in the Estate, but you are welcome to bring gazebos and similar shelters for picnics etc. If an event is planned for more than 50 people, you should notify the Parks Dept in advance. 

Dogs are allowed and are everywhere, but unless well trained to stay with their owners, it is best to have them on a lead on the main path though the woodland. This is often narrow through the gorge so please bear in mind that some visitors are nervous when dogs rush up to them! 

If you have any issues or comments about the Estate, feel free to let us know – it is useful for us to hear your observations, we can’t be everywhere and may not have picked up on it already. Contact us from here.

However, in many cases where a problem has been identified, it will be up to the Parks Department to resolve it and they would like you to contact them using the following Council website:

Walks around Blaise Castle can be found here, click the links to download the pdf:

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