Council Parks funding is at an all-time low: it reduced by 80% in 5 years and still reducing. Volunteers are the only answer if we want to halt the decline in the fabric to the Estate. So, we need your help. 

This can take many forms, but Woodland Conservation work is, of course, the main one. The benefits of exercising in the fresh air with like-minded people is an antidote to the physical and mental issues that come with city living. Social prescribing (where doctors are now officially recommending this type of activity) is now a recognised way of improving your wellbeing. 

And, just so you know, there is never any commitment to do anything on a regular basis, and nor do you need to bring any skills or knowledge. All tools and expert support provided.  A less visible form of support but equally valuable, is help with management activities –   either in organising, publicising or recording what we do. 

And of course, as a volunteer charity, donations are always welcome! 

We really look forward to hearing from you. 

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